Get Back

I had another awesome BJJ class last night! Not that I did anything spectacular, it was just a great day of training. The theme in the advanced class for the past couple of weeks has been taking the back, then yesterday we worked on recovering when they start to escape. Back mount is a position I would really like to be able to do well (I have a huge Jiu-Jitsu crush on Marcelo Garcia!) but on the rare occasions I actually get it, then they start to escape, I tend to abandon the back and transition to mount instead, so hopefully I’ll be able to utilize the things we practiced, and I believe the most important detail I picked up yesterday is that in order to effectively maintain back mount, your harness grip needs to be super tight.

I remember Professor Greg once said he’s been doing Jiu-Jitsu so long that when he first started, they didn’t even use the harness from back mount (it was double underhooks), and that’s the interesting thing about BJJ, because everything is always being dissected and perfected. Every day there are people working to improve existing techniques, or even creating new ones, and testing them live. BJJ is like a puzzle that you can’t really finish, because the pieces are always shifting, and I will never know everything there is to know about Jiu-Jitsu, but I do enjoy a good mystery!

I actually did better during rolling in the advanced class last week than I did last night, but that was probably because I had tougher partners. My final free-roll last night was with The Professor, and I had moment where I foolishly thought I was going to pass his guard for the first time ever, but he trapped me in half. Even though he armbarred me a couple of times, I am happy about the fact that he did not take my back, which usually happens every time we roll, so maybe I am starting to put more of the pieces together!


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