Pride & Joy

SkylerFour years ago on this blog, I wrote about how proud I was of my daughter as she graduated from high school, then yesterday, I watched her walk across the stage to receive her college degree, and it was probably the best Mother’s Day I will ever have, because my own mom sat beside me as we watched Skyler do something that neither she nor I ever did! The only college that I ever graduated from was The College of Hair Design, which despite having “college” in the name, isn’t really the same thing.

When my daughter went off to Doane College in Crete four years ago, she did it on her own, working two part time jobs while earning a double major in Graphic Design and German Language, and a minor in Computer Science. Then when she decided she wanted to study abroad during her senior year, she worked even harder, saving up the money and doing everything necessary to be able to attend Heidelberg University in Germany for four months!

Heidelberg, Germany

Throughout my daughter’s life, I tried to never put any of my own personal expectations on her (other than being a good person), because even though I gave birth to her, she doesn’t belong to me. She’s always had a strong sense of who she was, and I tried to just let her grow into that person. I was lucky that I rarely had to discipline her, or nag her about schoolwork, because when she was still very young she figured out that the rules which her dad and I had in place were for her own benefit, and following them would simply help her get to where she wanted to go.

I am proud of Skyler not just for graduating from a well-respected school, being on the Dean’s list the entire time, and winning Doane’s art award for 2015, but also for being who she wants to be. Joe and I always tried to guide her towards good paths, but she’s the one who chose to take them, and to do all the work necessary to achieve her goals.


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