No Remorse

Not win or lose, but always seek to evolve.I totally rocked BJJ class this week! Or at least, I did my best, which is really the only thing that’s required for training to be a success. I decided I should stop writing about Jiu-Jitsu in terms of winning and losing, because I honestly don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it that way, it just seems like the easiest way to sum it up, but that’s not really necessary. To summarize this past week: I learned some new things, and I verified that the tripod sweep is becoming one of my most successful open guard techniques!

During the advanced classes this week, the first thing we worked on was a closed guard sweep that’s a variation of the pendulum sweep, and I found it much easier to do than the original, because it doesn’t require a big wind-up motion. You get a same side sleeve grip, and with the other hand you grab their pants near the ankle, then you break their posture, open your guard, and on the side you have the sleeve grip, you plant your foot next to their hip (to prevent them from posting with their leg), then you kick your other leg into their armpit at the same time that you lift their leg with the pants grip and you turn them over, ending up in mount.

The second technique we practiced was if they stopped the sweep by posting across your body with their free arm, then you transition to a belly-down armbar by letting go of the pants grip, and reaching over the top of their posted arm, turning your body face down on top of them, and placing your foot next to their head. You can finish the armbar there, but The Professor said he prefers to continue rotating all the way through (so you’re facing away from them). It took me awhile to figure out this technique, but then it really started to click!

As far as how rolling went this week, I got a couple of sweeps (but not the one we worked on in class), and a few passes, plus I almost passed Tumbleweed’s guard during king of the mat, which is the closest I’ve ever come to succeeding with anything against him! I also escaped a couple of triangle attempts, and I don’t recall being choked at all, but I did get armbarred a few times, and two different people submitted me with straight ankle locks. The only real negative thing about this week is that my pinky finger is very sore and swollen, because one of the people I rolled with grabbed hold of it and tried to pry it off to break my grip, and I was a little surprised, because they’re a blue belt, so should know that small joint manipulation isn’t allowed!

"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment." -Jigoro KanoOn Wednesday, Professor Greg told me to stop getting upset with myself when I fuck up during a roll, because it just distracts me from recovering and correcting the problem, but maybe I need to stop being so hard on myself altogether. I still make a lot of mistakes, and I get tapped way more often than I tap anyone else, but that’s not what determines the success of my training. As long as I keep learning, and trying to be just a little bit better than I was the day before, then there’s no way I can ever really lose.

“We don’t need the feel the sorrow, no remorse is the one command.” -Metallica


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