Over the Rainbow

The lollipop guild- don't fuck with usMuch of the time in BJJ class I feel like I’m a munchkin in the land of giants, but yesterday in the advanced class, the lollipop guild are the only people who showed up! Including myself, there were just four students and The Professor, all of whom are feather or light weights (or as Greg put it “fart weights”). I’ve never been to a class with only small people before, and Professor Greg let us choose between practicing the omoplata techniques from Monday, or working on concepts to prevent big people from pressure-passing our guards, and we chose the latter. A couple of the students were on the fence about which to choose until Mike explained that with the second option, we would be learning ways to stop Conan from passing, and then everyone was in!

It was interesting and informative to have a class that wasn’t about particular techniques, but was focused on strategies instead, and I actually felt like I belonged in the advanced class yesterday, because I really understood the concepts! It was beneficial to hear explanations of why it’s important to do things a certain way, especially when you’re a smaller person, and one thing Greg emphasized to us is that we should never give in to a pass, we should fight it with everything we have, because it’s easier to retain guard then to escape side control, but that’s probably true regardless of your size. As Conan the Giant always says “Never accept a bad position.”.

Our rolling time was shorter than normal yesterday, because we spent a lot of time delving into the intricacies of guard retention, but I did have positional sparring matches from the top and bottom with everyone in class (except the one who dropped out), and even though I was in munchkin land, I was still the smallest person, and I lost every round. Regardless, I was satisfied with my performance, and my partners told me I did well. At the end of class I had a short free-roll with The Wizard, and he did not submit me, so I consider it to be a success!

“And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” -Judy Garland


2 comments on “Over the Rainbow

    • Lol! On a side note, there’s a guy I train with who farts all the time, and one day when I was driving behind a gas company truck, it had a sticker that said “Powered by natural gas”, and I thought “I should get him a gi patch that says that!”.

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