Blue Moon

For the past month the theme in the advanced class at LBJJC has been half guard, and I’ve liked the way Professor Greg has approached the lesson plan. He’s been teaching us two or three new techniques, then we drill them in every advanced class for the next two weeks. During the first week I’m still trying to figure out the movements, then by the second week I can drill the techniques pretty fluidly, so hopefully the repetition will help me retain the new information better than I normally do.

This week in BJJ was a tough one for me, because my allergies have been acting up, and I haven’t been feeling great. Monday’s advanced class was the worst, I was weak as a kitten, and I felt completely worthless (but I still survived the whole thing!). Due to my poor showing on Monday, at the beginning of class on Wednesday I had an overwhelming feeling that I didn’t belong in the advanced class at all, but I ended up turning in a decent performance that day. During king of the mat, I actually became queen for a round by passing a blue belt’s guard, and I even submitted a blue belt during free-rolling, which only happens once in a blue moon! If you read my recent post about Sunday’s no-gi class, it should come as no surprise that I got the tap with an armbar from scarf hold (and I don’t even feel bad about it! ;).

"Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." -Les BrownEven though I didn’t physically feel well this week, and I mentally felt out of place in the advanced class, my only regret about training anyway (other than the fact that I apparently picked up ringworm at some point, which I’m guessing was during the no-gi class) is that The Professor didn’t witness any of the good things I accomplished (I even swept a purple belt!). It seems like Greg only sees when I fail, and that’s probably because it’s what I do most of the time (especially in the advanced class), but my success rate has been improving!


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