Oh, what fresh hell is this?

Heat MiserThe advanced class at LBJJC last night was almost the same as the kick-ass class we had last Wednesday, except it was even more brutal. For one thing, yesterday was the hottest day of the year, it got up to about 85°, and my body isn’t used to that yet! We drilled the same three half guard techniques as last week, and we did positional sparring between the drilling again (ending with free-rolling), but the warm-ups were worse. I thought I was going to pass out before we even finished warming up, but Jerad encouraged me, and I made it through the entire class!

We also did a lot of planking last night, and we usually do tons of different abdominal exercises, yet my abs are almost never sore, but they sure hurt now. During one of the planks, The Professor told us we had twenty seconds left, and everyone groaned in pain, then the buzzer immediately went off, and he said “Just kidding!”, so that was our April Fool’s for the day!

Powerpuff BJJMy Mentor Mike had it worst of all yesterday, because he had to work with guys who are much bigger than him, and my saving grace was that I drilled with Sara (aka Insolence), who is the only adult at LBJJC who weighs less than me! She’s fifteen years younger than I am, and she’s in better shape, but yesterday’s class was even tough on her, and several times she told me that she thought she was going to throw up, but thankfully she never did.

Sara was also my partner for most of the rolling, and even though she’s smaller than I am, she’s more talented, and I usually don’t have much success against her, but I won some rounds from both the top and the bottom yesterday, so maybe the heat actually worked in my favor? She did submit me a couple of times, but that was also an improvement from the norm!

Between the hot weather and Professor Greg pushing us, I think everyone who was in class last night was wiped out by the end, but none of us regretted being there, because it was worth every pound of sweat! It would be nice if between our winter and summer in Nebraska, we could get a spring this year, but later last night, it actually hailed a little bit here in Lincoln, so I guess Heat Miser and Snow Miser are still battling it out.


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