The advanced class at Lincoln BJJ Center last night was the smallest one I’ve been to in awhile, there were only three students besides myself (Jerad, Mike, and Adam). We drilled the same three half guard techniques that we practiced on Monday, but instead of saving the rolling for the end of class, Professor Greg mixed it up by having us drill each technique, then between sets we did positional sparring, and we finished off with free-rolling, so it was drill, roll, drill, roll, drill, roll, roll, roll, which seemed more exhausting than usual!

There were a few white belts who braved the advanced class on Monday, and during positional grappling from half guard, I managed to win some rounds against them, even from the top! Due to the fact that I’m small, when I’m rolling I typically end up on the bottom, and when I succeed during positional sparring, it’s more likely to be an escape than anything else, but I scored a couple of passes on Monday. I also didn’t get submitted at all that day, but that could be because for the positional grappling, The Professor took subs off of the table.

The advanced class last night was a different story, I didn’t even come close to winning anything against The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tumbleweed, or Grizzly Adam (aka The Hulk), and I was subbed multiple times! However, I did frustrate Mike more than normal, which felt pretty good, and when Jerad asked if I knew what I’d done wrong against him from bottom half guard, I had the correct answer (I led with my hand instead of my elbow to try to get the underhook), so I’m still making stupid mistakes, but at least I’m realizing them more!

Last night, Professor Greg reminded me that in order for most techniques to work for me, I have to do them perfectly, because I’m too small to get away with being sloppy, so every little detail is vital. I think one of the most important things I learned this week is that I need to have a better base when I’m in top half guard, because I have a tendency to keep my knees too close together, which makes me easier to sweep. Secondly, I need to stop trying to get from point A to point Z all at once, I might have to take baby steps.

Cloud 9I’ve been on cloud nine about Jiu-Jitsu this week, and that might just be because the numbness in my arm is almost completely gone, so I’m happy that I’ve finally been able to return to full training, but I also feel like I could be entering another dimension in BJJ. It’s as though everything that used to be fuzzy is now coming into focus, and I’m starting to really be able to see.

“Another dimension, new galaxy
Intergalactic, planetary.” -Beastie Boys


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