The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

After my last blog post, my LBJJC bro Jerad commented on Facebook that I shouldn’t lump him in with the 200 pound guys, because he weighs 16 pounds less than that, then last night in the advanced class, he brought it up again! I told him that 200 was an average, because some of the guys weighed more, but just for the record, Jerad only weighs 184 pounds (and I only weigh 124 ;).

Speaking of Jerad, yesterday I got to watch Professor Greg step back and let him take over teaching the kid’s class, which was very cool! Greg, Conan, and Jerad are the co-owners of Lincoln BJJ, but Greg still handles most of the teaching duties, so I enjoyed watching Jerad teach for a change.

LBJJC kids' classAt the dojo where we used to train, Jerad regularly taught the late class on Monday nights, which I rarely attended, but that was because of the time, not the teacher. When he taught on other days, it always seemed like he had a deep understanding of Jiu-Jitsu, and I learned a lot from him. Then after The Professor came to the dojo, he took over teaching most of the Monday classes, and since Jerad was always there, I think he was the first person to really absorb Greg’s teaching, which is why my nickname for him is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Jerad is also very handy!

Jerad is also very handy!

Jerad’s grappling style isn’t the same as Professor Greg’s, and he doesn’t explain things in exactly the same way, but when I was watching him teach the kids yesterday, it was basically the same as watching The Professor teach. Just like Greg, Jerad’s been able to answer every question I’ve ever asked him, and he’s always treated me with respect (except for “accidentally” throwing the ball at my face multiple times! ;). Also just like The Professor, when we roll I never have any success against him, and it usually ends with me choking. In almost six years, I’ve passed Jerad’s guard exactly one time!

I believe in order to be a good teacher, you must first be a good student, and since Jerad has always been an avid and dedicated student of Jiu-Jitsu, I think he’s going to be a great professor when the time comes. Lincoln BJJ has awesome instructors in Greg, Conan, and Jerad, they all bring something different to the table, and we are lucky to have the three of them!


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