Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ginger

When my husband saw me after BJJ class last night, the first thing he asked was “Did someone punch you in the nose?”, and I answered “Actually, someone sat on my face.”, which is the truth, but it just sounds wrong! I’m not sure how Tumbleweed managed to bruise my nose with his butt (causing me to now resemble Rudolph), and he felt bad about it, but it doesn’t really hurt, it just looks funny. Thankfully, the guys in class didn’t laugh and call me names, and they still let me join in all their reindeer games!

RudolphIt was a special day in the advanced class, because I usually feel like most people don’t really want to be my partner, but yesterday, I had two people ask me! Mike was first, then after Conan asked, Mike told me “I don’t think you want to be bridging against him.”, and since Conan outweighs me by over half of my total body weight, I agreed, and I appreciated Mike working with me (but it was very nice of Conan to offer to draw the “short straw”! ;).

Weak Germ

My BJJ bros should start using this!

We drilled side control escapes during class, then when I did end up working with Conan during the positional sparring, I wasn’t having any success, and he asked “You know what you’re doing wrong, don’t you?”, and I told him “No!”, so he said “You’re rolling with a 200 pound man.”, and I thought, “It’s not my fault!”. Everyone in class yesterday weighed about 200 pounds, except Tumbleweed and myself.

I didn’t “win” any of my matches last night, but a couple of times, Professor Greg told me I was doing a good job, and that felt pretty awesome. Now if I could only figure out how to stop making the mistake of rolling with 200 pound men, and find some 90 pound weaklings to train with, I should be alright! Oh, who I am I kidding, Mike only outweighs me by about 20 pounds, and he beat my ass worst of all (with his ass! ;).


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