Left Shark

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to let an injury heal, so during BJJ class, I drilled but I didn’t roll (except for with Ido Pariente!), then last night when I went to the advanced class and participated in the whole shebang, I couldn’t seem to get my shit together! We did a lot of positional grappling, and I didn’t lose every single round, but I definitely felt off.

Last week after I rolled with Ido, he told my husband that I grapple like I’m much younger than I actually am, and that’s not the first time I’ve heard that I don’t act my age, but I still feel it. Everyone I regularly train with in the advanced class at LBJJC is at least ten years younger than me (except for Conan), and they’re the reason I roll like I’m younger, because I have to, in order to even keep up!

For my positivity challenge, I’m supposed to think of good things I did during every BJJ class, but the best I can come up with for yesterday is when I was rolling with Mike, I made a split-second decision to give up an armbar to avoid a choke, and he told me it was a good choice. Most of the time in the advanced class, it’s not a question of if I’m going to lose, but how badly. The wins that I did get during positional grappling were on the defensive side, including transitioning to guard from bottom side-control, and escaping back mount.

The ground is the ocean, I'm the left shark.

I’m not even good enough to be the left shark!

I was so sore and tired after class last night that it apparently affected my brain, because when I got home, I momentarily forget the word “knees”, and I was like “My leg-elbows hurt!”. Even though I felt old and stupid, it was still good to be rolling again, and afterward I thought “I totally got my ass kicked, but it was awesome!” Despite my self-perceived ineptitude, Professor Greg actually gave me a compliment on my defense, so I guess my performance wasn’t all bad. If I can spend most of my rolling time getting pummeled, and still think “BJJ rocks!”, I believe it shows that I really do love Jiu-Jitsu (and/or I’m a little crazy! ;).


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