The Glamorous Life

The advanced class at Lincoln BJJ last night was awesome! The Professor rushed us through the warm-ups, then we had over an hour of king of the mat, which was done escape drill style; from mount, side control, back mount, and turtle. There were two groups going at once, and we got breaks while waiting for our turn, but the line was moving pretty fast, and the time flew by!

At the very end of class, I almost submitted an MMA fighter with a clock choke, and I thought “Where else besides Jiu-Jitsu would they not only let me try to choke people, but also give me pointers and cheer me on!” I imagine in most other group environments which I normally find myself in, they would frown upon attempted choking, even if the person had agreed to let me try.

After class, Professor Greg told me that I was really close on the choke and I shouldn’t have given up, but what happened was as I was readjusting my grips, I heard RoRo say something about his ear, so I was afraid I was crushing it, and I immediately let go. Then I realized what he had actually said was “It felt like you were licking my ear.”, and I thought “Where else besides Jiu-Jitsu would someone say that to me!”. For the record, I was not licking his ear, but I was probably sweating on it.

"Any girl can be glamorous. All she has to do is stand still and look stupid." -Hedy LamarrThere are a lot of things that happen in BJJ class that would seem weird if they happened anywhere else. For example, I don’t think most outsiders would appreciate it if I wiped my sweat off on their clothes while they were wearing them! I know Jiu-Jitsu probably sounds very glamorous to my blog readers who don’t train, due to all the sweating and choking, but besides occasionally almost subbing MMA fighters, I still spend the majority of my time in the advanced class getting my ass handed to me, and it ain’t pretty!


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