Keep Ya Head Up

Boys and girls, the word of the day (and every other day for the foreseeable future) is “posture”. The urban dictionary defines it as “One’s pose or stature when walking, standing, or the like.”

After the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, The Professor told me that I do a lot of good things when I’m rolling, but what’s killing me is that sometimes my posture still goes to shit, especially when I feel overwhelmed. It’s as though I try to curl up in a ball and disappear, by utilizing the ostrich style of Jiu-Jitsu (maybe if I bury my head, they won’t see me!) which Greg said might work for The Hulk, but not for me.

Q: What do my chiropractor and BJJ instructor have in common? A. Besides the fact that they both named their places of business “Lincoln (something) Center”, they both tell me that my posture needs improvement! Bad posture isn’t just a bad habit I developed in Jiu-Jitsu, it’s been with me for most of my life. I’ve spent a lot of time looking down (often at a book that was in my hand!), mostly to avoid being seen. In every martial art I’ve ever trained, they’ve told me “Stop looking at your feet.”, and I was like “But my toenails are so pretty!”.

You have bad posture.Forty years of bad posture takes time to correct (and lots of chiropractor bills!), and my posture is better than it was a year ago, so I’ve made some progress, but I still seem to revert back to my old ways during times of panic. Professor Greg told me that he wants me to make posture my number one priority right now, so I can fix the problem once and for all. So, if you see me rolling and my head is down and/or I’m hunched over, please feel free to yell “Posture!”. As a matter of fact, feel free to just yell it at me at any random time, to make sure it stays in the front of my mind!

“Keep ya head up, ooh, child,
things are gonna get easier.” -Tupac


7 comments on “Keep Ya Head Up

    • I remember this comment you left with advice about keeping my head up… “Just visualize yourself as an excited puppy- nose up in the air (because your opponent might be holding a Snausage above your head!)”, and it still makes me laugh, but maybe people need to actually hold Snausages for me to remember it when I’m rolling! ;)

  1. I usually find that when I tell my favorite partners, “I’m working on ____… can you please help me out by _____?” they are usually glad to help. This can be especially good for those things you tend to forget about once the roll starts revving up.

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