Hungry hungry hippos

I’ve only been a demo partner for the instructor a couple of times in the past several years, but this week I was one for two days in a row! I helped Conan demonstrate in the beginner no-gi class on Sunday, which made me nervous, then yesterday I helped out The Professor, and I wasn’t nervous at all! The difference is I was helping Greg teach the kids, so there was less pressure. I usually just work with the kids during drills, and coach when they roll, but Jerad couldn’t make it to class yesterday, so I got to fill in for him!

I also didn’t have to be nervous about the techniques when I was helping Professor Greg in the kids’ class, because we were practicing the kimura from guard and the hip bump sweep, and if I didn’t know those by now, then I’d probably deserve to be choked by my own blue belt! My favorite part of the kids’ class yesterday had to be when Greg said “hip bump sweep”, and one of the boys asked him if he was saying “hippo”, so from this day forward, I shall call it the “hippo sweep” (just like “neon belly”! ;).

It was awesome to be able to help The Professor during the kids’ class, but I’m glad I wasn’t the one who filled in for Jerad during the adult advanced class, because I would’ve been a nervous wreck, especially since we were practicing a complicated half-guard technique that I’d never done before. Mike actually got the honor of being Greg’s demo partner for class yesterday, and I was amazed that even though he’d never learned the technique himself, he was able to pick it up just by having it done to him, and then break it down and teach it to me when we drilled! I like working with Mike as a training partner not just because he’s close to my size, but also because his technical understanding of BJJ is outstanding!

Hungry hyngry hippos: The original hunger games

May the odds be ever in your favor.

We did a bunch of king of the mat from half-guard in the advanced class yesterday, followed by a couple of free-rolls, and I was only submitted once! It was with an armbar by My Mentor Mike. He was my final roll, and we had a great battle, afterward he gave me a lot of compliments on my defense. I feel like my awareness and reactions were on point yesterday, and I made good choices most of the time. Now, if only I could’ve gotten a hippo sweep…

“Wanting something is not enough.
You must hunger for it.
” –Les Brown


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