Somebody’s Watching Me

I went to the beginner no-gi class at Lincoln BJJ today, and Conan used me as his demo partner again, except this time I didn’t feel special, I just felt nervous, because there were more people in class than the last time, and I was afraid I was going to do something wrong. Conan kept whispering for me to relax, but it was hard, because a lot of people were looking at me, so…performance anxiety! I think it was even more nerve-wracking because we were practicing half-guard, which I still don’t have much confidence in, and I did understand all of the techniques we worked on, but it was stressful for me.

For the drilling, Bhuvana asked to be my partner, and I was happy to oblige, because I always enjoy working with her. It really made me feel good today when she told me that she likes grappling with me because she knows that if I submit her, it’s going to be technical and controlled, so she doesn’t have to be nervous that I’m going to slam something on and hurt her, which I think is one of the benefits of being a blue belt.

ginga ninja stealthAnother awesome thing about class today is that I saw the return of Sweet Baby James! I haven’t trained with him since we were back at the dojo, and it was cool to see him at Lincoln BJJ. I didn’t get to grapple with him, but at the end of class I welcomed him back in the Jiu-Jitsu way, by jumping on his back and trying to choke him!

I think this was the biggest beginner no-gi class I’ve been to at LBJJC, and it was great that there were so many people there. It was also nice that I got the opportunity to help Conan with demonstrating the techniques again, but being watched by the whole class is something that’s still going to take a lot of getting used to! I mean, how can I be a ninja if everyone sees me?


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