Hard to Handle

My husband had surgery on his hand last month, and Amy’s been working extra hours, so we hadn’t had Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class for a few weeks. When we returned yesterday, it seemed like the injury and time off didn’t slow Joe down one bit!

We practiced positional grappling from side control the whole time, which brought out a level of frustration in me that I haven’t experienced for quite awhile. Side control is the hardest position for me to escape, and yesterday was no exception. It seemed like I nothing I did was working, from either the bottom or the top, and at one point I even told Joe there was no point in me trying, because I couldn’t do a damn thing! I had some limited success against him, but it was really hard (and so were his knees to my face ;).

So, it’s surprising that after feeling completely defeated during the positional grappling, I managed to come back during our free-roll and do better against Joe than I normally do, and at one point I even set him up in a crucifix! It’s funny because I’ve never officially been taught how to do a crucifix, I only know it from having it done to me. I’m happy that I even saw the opportunity, let alone went for it, and I think it actually helped that yesterday before Ethridge class I wrote about Conan crucifying me, because it was fresh in my mind.

Joe ended up escaping my crucifix (I tried to choke him with the wrong hand!), and he eventually submitted me with a triangle, but he probably wouldn’t have gotten it without Amy’s help. He started to pivot the wrong way, which would’ve loosened it and allowed me to escape, but Amy corrected him, and I had to tap.

Artwork by Mariste

Artwork by Mariste

During class yesterday I asked Joe why rolling with him hurt more than rolling with other people, and he said “Because I’m bony like you, so now you know what it feels like to roll with yourself!”, and Amy said she thinks it’s because I have some kind of mental block regarding Joe, like maybe because he’s my husband he’s supposed to love me, not hurt me, and I’m more sensitive when he does, but I still think it’s because he doesn’t take it as easy on me as some of my other grappling partners, and sometimes it’s hard to handle the realization that they must be holding back. So, even though rolling with Joe can be extra frustrating and painful, I think he’s actually helping me, by keeping it real.


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