Gi is for Ginger


Thankfully this guy didn’t show up!

We didn’t have Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo yesterday, so I went to the beginner no-gi class at Lincoln BJJ, and Conan usually teaches it, but he’s sick, so Professor Greg taught instead. There were only three other students besides myself, and I didn’t know any of their names! I’d seen them around, but I’d never talked to or trained with them before, so I was nervous at first, because as a shy introvert it’s uncomfortable for me to be around people who I don’t know, let alone to interact with them, but they were all cool, like most everyone at LBJJC.

One time when I went to the beginner no-gi class, someone asked me “Aren’t you a blue belt?”, and I said “Not in no-gi.” I’ve trained at least twenty times more often with a gi than without one, so my no-gi training isn’t very advanced, but when I was rolling with the white belts during class yesterday, I kind of felt like a blue belt for a change!

The focus of class was kimura from side control, which Greg said was an important fundamental of no-gi, and I wasn’t able set up a kimura during the positional grappling, but I was pretty happy with my ability to control my partners and stay on top, despite not having gi grips. I even almost submitted someone with an armbar, but he was saved by the bell. When I was on the bottom, I escaped and reversed, and no one even came close to mounting or submitting me.

Conan once said that if you regularly train in a gi then no-gi is easy, but my first choice will always be gi. Even my name and nickname both start with “gi”, but I know that training no-gi makes you more well-rounded, so it’s doesn’t hurt to take my gi off every once in awhile!


3 comments on “Gi is for Ginger

  1. are you having jiu-jitsu class this Sunday at 12pm? i’ll let Shayla know if it’s okay with you.

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