These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (to the car to drive to BJJ class)

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!

These are the boots I wore yesterday.

I went to the beginner BJJ class at noon on Tuesday, and since Lincoln had gotten it’s first snowfall of the year, I expected there would only be a couple of people in class, but we ended up with about ten students. Then I went to the advanced class last night, and attendance was on the smaller side for both it and the beginner class that followed, which caused The Professor to say “It gets cold and everyone wusses out.”. Hey, Sir, not everyone!

I detest the cold, but usually within ten minutes of being in Jiu-Jitsu class, I’m not cold anymore! I really couldn’t care less about what it’s like outside when I’m training, so I’m an all-weather student. Besides, going out in the cold gives me a reason to wear boots, which is the only thing I actually like about winter!

I’m definitely glad I braved the cold and snow to attend class, because I was happy with my training on both days, and I did a lot of good things while I was rolling. I also did some stupid things, but it seemed like less than normal! I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to sweep a white belt from spider guard and a blue belt from lasso guard, as well as pass a few guards. I didn’t submit anyone, but I also didn’t get subbed very many times myself, and Monsieur Guillotine was particularly frustrated by how hard he had to work to sub me, because it’s usually rather easy for him.

How I feel when I roll with professorThe best part was that I believe Wednesday marks the first time that I’ve free-rolled with Professor Greg and he did not submit me with a bow and arrow or a rear naked choke! At one point I did panic and stupidly turn my back to him, but somehow I managed to recover and escape. Of course he did submit me, but only once during a six-minute roll, and it was with an armbar, not a choke, so that has to be a good sign, right?

To sum it all up: hate cold, hate snow, hate winter. Love boots, love BJJ, love not getting choked by The Professor!

“What he knows, you ain’t had time to learn.”
-Nancy Sinatra


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