Root Down

Yesterday at Lincoln BJJ Center, we had a three-hour seminar with Professor Greg’s instructor, Mauricio ‘Tinguinha’ Mariano, followed by a promotion ceremony, and it was an all-around great day! I asked Bhuvana to be my partner for the training, because I enjoy working with her, and I don’t get to do it very often. There was a lot of information covered, and most of it was new to me, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to retain, but luckily Josh wrote it all down on his blog for handy reference. I had a lot of fun working with Bhuvana, and it was awesome to see her earn her first stripe!

Lincoln BJJ

There were some other firsts for LBJJC during the promotions yesterday. It was the first time Greg promoted any of the kids to grey belt, and many of them got one, including both of Bhuvana’s sons. We also had the first adult to promote to blue belt who had not trained anywhere else before starting at Lincoln BJJ, so Briangle is officially the first person who’s gone all the way from white to blue under Professor Greg.

Me and some of the girls

Lincoln BJJ Center now also has our very first purple belt in Conan! He was my original Jiu-Jitsu teacher, and the head instructor at the SRSK dojo where we used to train, then he gave up his black belt to start over as a white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I’m really happy to see him progressing through the ranks!

Greg, Conan, and Tinguinha

Greg, Conan, and Tinguinha

The last promotion of the day was not given by Professor Greg, but to him. Tinguinha promoted Greg to first degree black belt, and it was great to witness it! Not only is Greg a talented practitioner, he’s also an amazing teacher and businessman, as evidenced by the continued growth of his school. In the year and a half since The Professor first put his roots down at Lincoln BJJ, it just keeps growing bigger and better all the time!

Tinguinha and Greg

Tinguinha and Greg

“Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been blessed, ’cause I’m doing what I want, so I never rest.” -Beastie Boys


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