Old School

With Halloween being on Friday, there must have been some late night partying going on, because not many people showed up to Lincoln BJJ for open mat at noon yesterday, but it didn’t really matter to me how many people were there, because I just ended up working with Harvey the entire time anyway! Regarding many of the people I train with, I usually think things like “I have tattoos that are older than you!”, or “I’m old enough to be your mother!”, but Harvey is the one person at LBJJC who could actually say those things about me! I’m not sure if he has any tattoos, but at the age of sixty-six, he’s twenty-one years older than I am, so he is old enough to be my dad!

Us old people spent most of open mat doing positional grappling. Harvey really just wanted to work on his basics, so I would put him in various positions, and help him to remember some of the options, then I let him practice against resistance. Harvey was worried that he was taking up all of my time, but working with him was good for both of us, and throughout my training there have been people (especially CoCoConan) who devoted a lot of their own open mat time to helping me, so it’s nice to be able to return the favor.

Bring it on, Junior...There was a point in time back at the dojo when Harvey and I were on the same level, but then he had surgery, and he didn’t train for a couple of years. I really missed him, and I wasn’t sure if he’d ever come back, so I’m glad he has! I hadn’t rolled with him since we’ve been at LBJJC, and when we free-rolled at the end of our training yesterday, Harvey was both impressed and frustrated with how far I’ve come! He had promised to not use his larger size or “old man strength” against me, but I think he may have regretted that kindness at the end, because just as it seemed inevitable that I was going to submit him, he gave up before I actually did it. Yeah, that still counts as a tap, old man. ;)

Up until recently I haven’t felt like many people (except kids) were interested in having me help teach them anything about Jiu-Jitsu (which isn’t surprising because I think I suck even more at trying to teach it than doing it!), but hopefully I helped Harvey to learn (or remember) some things yesterday, and it was nice for me to be able to see how much I’ve improved since he and I last trained together!


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