Children of the Corn

I missed BJJ class last night, but it was for a good reason, I was helping my husband with the annual SRSK dojo Halloween party. It was a success once again, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Children of the cornWe try to mix it up every year by playing new games, and I think the most popular one last night was the candy corn toss, which involved a piece of candy corn being thrown at the kids every second for fifteen seconds, and whoever caught the most (in their hand, not their mouth!) was the winner. It was tricky for them to catch more than one or two, because they kept dropping them when they tried to catch more, but a couple of the girls actually caught eight, by figuring out how to catch with one hand and hold with the other! The game also kept the kids busy who were waiting for their turn, because they were excited about picking up the pieces that were missed, and bringing them back to be thrown again. When Joe first told the kids he was going to throw candy corn at them, one of the boys asked why, and Joe said “Because it’s fun for me.”

We didn’t even get to play all of the games we had planned, the hour went by too fast! Next year I think we should set aside more time for the haunted obstacle course, because most of the kids wanted to keep going through, but we ran out of time. Maybe we just need to prolong the entire party, since we also ended up with a bunch of apples that were never bobbed, and a pumpkin that didn’t get tossed!

I personally love Halloween, any time I have an excuse to wear a costume and eat sweets is alright by me! If you also include a six foot Darth Vader, a strobe light, my husband with an orange mustache, and kids being pelted with candy corn, how could that not be a good time? Last night the kids decided that my costume was an evil butterfly fairy, and so sayeth the children of the corn, so shall it be!Children of the candy corn


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