You Wish You Were Red

I’m finally over my cold, so I returned to training in Ethridge class yesterday, except it actually turned back into women’s class, for the first time in a couple of years! I mean, my husband was still there (he’s confident enough in his masculinity to be an honorary woman for the day!), but there’s a new lady training in Ken’s Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo, and after their no-gi class yesterday, she joined us for most of our class. Shayla is closer to Amy’s size than mine, so Amy just demonstrated on me, then they practiced together, while Joe and I worked on positional grappling. I was sad that I didn’t get to train with her, but I hope she had fun and comes back to the class!

As far as how my own training went, I was doing really well against Joe up until the end, when Shayla left and Amy started watching us, then everything went to shit! I think this proves my hypothesis that I’m better at Jiu-Jitsu when no one is looking! It’s just too bad that people can’t see how awesome I am inside my mind.

I almost always wear my black gi to Ethridge class at the SRSK dojo, because it doesn’t have an LBJJC patch on it (and it feels a little weird for me to be repping one school while I’m training at another), but yesterday I wore my white gi, which was probably a mistake on a couple of different levels. First of all, it’s patched up, so Amy told me I looked like a walking billboard, and I didn’t realize that so many people were going to be in Ken’s class to see me rocking it, but I’m glad that the dojo Jiu-Jitsu program is growing!

All red everything!Secondly, my white gi was not the best choice, because while I was sick this past week, I colored my hair a brighter red, and the dye will not stop bleeding, no matter how many times I’ve washed it! You’d think I would’ve learned from the pink stripe incident (when I polka-dotted The Professor’s gi), but yesterday both mine and Joe’s white gis ended up with red smears all over them! Amy said I was only leaving my mark, but I usually do that in blood.

Luckily the red came out of our gis (I just washed them right after class), but I can’t promise anyone who I train with at Lincoln BJJ this week that their gi will not be colored by my head! Maybe I should only train with people in black gis, or who are interested in having their own custom-made ginger-hair tie-dye gi. It might become all the rage, and then everyone will wish they were red! Except hipsters.


2 comments on “You Wish You Were Red

  1. thanks for letting Shayla train with you guys, Gina. I think it would help her to train with some partners more her size. Plus, she can experience a different perspective of training.

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