“That’s gross!”

A Christmas StoryWhen I was at the chiropractor’s office, he asked how my Jiu-Jitsu training was going, then his receptionist (who is a wrestler) asked me if I train in a gi, and when I said I did, he responded “I don’t know how you do it, I tried that once, and I thought it sucked! You know the movie ‘A Christmas Story’? The gi made me feel like the little brother when his mom put him in the snow suit, because it was heavy and hot, and I could barely move my arms!”. The chiropractor said it was probably just hard for him to be comfortable wearing clothes, since he was accustomed to wrestling in “a jock strap that goes up to the chest” (which is an accurate description of a singlet!).  I told them that we also have no-gi classes at Lincoln BJJ, but I actually prefer wearing a gi, because at least it soaks up most of the sweat. Then the chiropractor said “So, it’s like you’re wearing sweat-soaked blankets? That’s gross!”.

Snot's not hot! Stay home when you're sick.What’s grosser than that is when people go to BJJ class when they’re dripping with mucous! I’ve been sick this week, so I hadn’t trained since Sunday, and I didn’t even go to the kids’ classes, because I didn’t want to infect anyone, but I figured Joe would probably catch the sickness from me anyway, so yesterday I asked him to do some training at home. I pulled out the requirement sheets from my blue belt testing, and we drilled almost everything on them (except the take-downs). I definitely understand the details of the techniques better than I did when I tested, and Joe was familiar with most of what we practiced, there were only a few things that I had to explain. After I wrote my last post about my husband, Conan and Mike both said they wished Joe would train at Lincoln BJJ Center once in awhile, but I don’t know when he would have time for it, and I couldn’t even talk him into training with me at LBJJC on my birthday this year!

Meerkatsu-grossest things in BJJAfter Joe and I practiced yesterday, I was happier, but not completely happy, and he asked “You still want to go to BJJ class tonight, don’t you?”. I was feeling better after our workout, which made me want to train even more, but it didn’t negate my potential contagiousness, so I stayed home. Although I was sad about it, it was actually a good thing I didn’t go to class, because later on I felt completely exhausted! Being forced to take time off is also helpful for the nagging aches and pains that I’ve been dealing with lately, because I think my body could use a rest. Hopefully I’ll be well very soon, and back to rolling in my sweaty blanket!

I don’t think the grossest thing about Jiu-Jitsu is sweat (then again, no one has sweated into my mouth yet!), I personally think it’s when I have my face buried in a gi that hasn’t been washed since the last time it was worn. I can handle bad body odor, but when it’s emanating from an overripe gi, it’s so much worse. The next grossest thing on my list would probably be grappling no-gi with someone who’s wearing a singlet!


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