Not your average Joe

I figured it wouldn’t take long for me to feel like I suck at Jiu-Jitsu again, but all it took was rolling with my husband during Ethridge class yesterday! Grappling with Joe can be super frustrating for me, because sometimes it’s difficult to do anything. Yesterday I asked him “Why do you have to be so hard?”, and to his credit he did not respond with “That’s what she said!”.

When I roll with my husband, it usually feels like I’m doing nothing but trying to escape from endless submission attempts, which can come from anywhere, because his grappling style is very free-form. Since Joe doesn’t officially train BJJ, I think I should be able to do better against him, but I need to remember that some of the arts he trains do have direct links to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Judo and Aikijujitsu), not to mention that he has natural wrestling talent, and he’s stronger than the average Joe.

Joe-JitsuMy husband actually received two surprise promotions in martial arts this past week! They sprung a testing on him when he went to Judo on Thursday, then after Ethridge class yesterday, Sensei Gary showed up to present him with a certificate in Daitoryu Aikijujitsu, which Joe was not expecting at all! He was promoted to three-stripe brown belt, which means his next test will be for black. So, I suppose it didn’t do as badly against Joe during class yesterday than I thought, taking into account that he’s almost a black belt in Aikijujitsu (and the bulk of their curriculum is armbars, chokes, and wristlocks), plus he also practices ground work and subs in Judo.

Joe told me that when I had him in kesa gatame yesterday, he kept trying to get the reversal that works for him on everyone, but it didn’t work on me. He also asked if the gogoplata he had attempted did anything other than annoy me, and when I told him “No.”, he said “It also annoyed me, because I was thinking, why won’t she tap?! I didn’t realize I married such a badass.” Yeah well, I wasn’t as much of a badass back then, but I’m getting more badass every day! Joe actually tried to submit me numerous times yesterday before he found something that worked, and he was pretty excited when he realized he got a “Daitoryu guillotine”, but I don’t know what the difference is between that and a regular guillotine, because they both hurt about the same!

Joe recently joked that I don’t talk enough about how awesome he is, and I said “Don’t advertise your man!”, but he is pretty awesome (and I’d like to see some home-wrecker just try to take him away from me! ;).  I’m proud of his dedication to martial arts, not just for training in three separate styles, but for all he does for the dojo. He’s usually there every day of the week except Saturday, and I don’t mind sharing him, because most of that time goes towards teaching kids in the youth programs, and they couldn’t ask for a better Sensei. However, if he’s going to keep training and teaching in all of those Japanese martial arts, he should really learn that “matte” means “wait”, because he kept trying to grapple after Amy said it during class yesterday!


3 comments on “Not your average Joe

  1. will you be training this Sunday? the woman that’s been training jiu-jitsu may show up to train in your sunday class.

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