Hug dealer

Some of the people I train with like it when I write about them, but others don’t, and I have no idea how anyone feels about it unless they tell me (and they rarely do), so sometimes I’m not sure if I should even do it at all! Lately I’ve been wanting to say something about Bhuvana, but I know she’s a private person, and I’m not sure how comfortable she would be with it. So, I decided that instead of saying anything too personal about her, I could just talk about how having her at Lincoln BJJ Center has impacted me.

Since Bhuvana started training with us (about eight months ago?), I feel as though I have even more incentive to keep going. She tells me that she looks up to me as a woman in BJJ, and it helps me to believe that my presence in Jiu-Jitsu might actually have a positive impact (which is a rare feeling for me to have).

Underhooks are the secret to leverage!Although she and I don’t get to train together very often, we usually see each other a couple of times a week, when she brings her boys to the kids’ classes. We always hug each other, and she says I give the most “martial artist type hugs” (which is probably because I go for the underhooks ;).

I enjoy the private conversations Bhuvana and I have before and after the kids’ classes (most of which I have pinky sworn to never disclose!), and I feel truly supported by our friendship. I want to help her out as much as I can, and to share any insights that might be of value, but I feel like my ability to explain things is just not sufficient. I try to be a good mentor, but I don’t really know how, except by doing my best to answer any questions, or listening to anything she wants to share.

I did get to roll with Bhuvana for a little while during open mat on Saturday, and I must say that I don’t think she knows her own strength! She seems to have a strong warrior spirit, and I can see her staying in BJJ for the long term. I’m really glad that her co-worker Josh talked her into trying Jiu-Jitsu, and I’m happier that she likes it! Having her around makes BJJ even better for me, and hope I do the same for her.


2 comments on “Hug dealer

  1. I always enjoyed it when you wrote about me because I look up to you and it gave me a sense of pride! You are a great mentor and I wish I could train with you again!

    • Thanks, Kristy, I miss training with you, too. You’ve always been a great support to me…when you trained with us in the women’s class, and when you went to tournaments with me, and by reading this blog!

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