Home is where the mat is

If you walked into our house, it would be immediately obvious that the Ethridges train martial arts, because if you looked to your right as you walked through the door, you would see a small room with a mat, as well as other training-related items. On your left would be the living room, with a bo (staff) laying across the couch. It’s not just a handy weapon, we actually use it to deter the dogs from getting on the couch. You’d think they would chew on it, since it’s basically a big stick, but they must sense it’s martial power!

Amy couldn’t make it to the dojo for Ethridge class yesterday, so I asked Joe if he would just drill and roll with me at home. I wanted to work on a few techniques that required the gi, so we suited up, and it was great practice. I was able to refresh my mind on things I’ve recently worked on at LBJJC, and it was helpful for me to spend more time drilling them. I also taught the techniques to Joe, which was good for both of us.

The tight quarters of our home mat makes grappling scarier, because the walls aren’t padded, but it does increase the awareness of your surroundings! When Joe and I were rolling yesterday, we managed to stay on the mat and not run into any walls (but I did use them to help me escape a couple of times!). At one point, our dog Jay wanted to play too, so he tried to join in the fun, but the dogs aren’t allowed on the mat, either!

BJJ dream house

Ginger’s dream house

The other day I was re-reading the sheet on the bulletin board at Lincoln BJJ Center that talks about the drilling open mat class, and it said to really make a technique your own, you have to repeatedly drill it, but there’s not enough time during the regular classes to do so. I decided there was absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be practicing more of those drills at home, because not only do I have a home dojo with a mat, I also have a husband who is willing to train with me, so I’m pretty much living the dream! Of course I don’t mean training at home instead of going to class, but rather as a supplement. Joe also enjoyed our practice yesterday, and I plan to continue making good use of our home mat.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect.
Practice reduces the imperfection.” -Toba Beta


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