Even monkeys fall out of trees

There’s a new guy in my husband’s Aikijujitsu class who is very hard on himself. He’s always saying things like “I can’t do anything right, I’m never going to get this!”, and they try to reassure him that making mistakes and failing are normal parts of the learning process.

One day he remarked that the rest of people in class didn’t mess up like he did, he thought he was the only one, and even the black belt who was teaching the class laughed and assured the guy that he still makes his share of mistakes. Then one of the other students mentioned a Japanese saying which he thought applied to the situation “Even monkeys fall out of trees.”

10647018_551805708252686_8264238705594563947_nNot only has everyone who’s been training longer than you probably made some of the same mistakes that you have in the past, they still continue to make mistakes, and if you keep training, so will you. The degree and extent of the mistakes may lessen, but no one ever becomes perfect, they still fail. Some people even continue to make the exact same mistakes for years, before they finally figure out how to correct them.

When you’re a new student, you’re expected to make mistakes, and there’s really no shame in it, so if you can’t learn to handle it at that point, it will just become more difficult for you the longer you train. You have to accept that mistakes are inevitable, and even necessary to success, because the only people who never fail are the ones who never try.

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan


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