I haven’t mentioned that I tweaked my right shoulder during the tournament last Saturday, because I hoped that if I ignored it, it would go away, but apparently that doesn’t work on injuries any more than it works on husbands! Seriously, refusing to acknowledge an injury is not the best treatment plan.

I took a few days off from training after the competition, and when I went back to class on Wednesday, my shoulder wasn’t too happy about it. As we were doing bridges in the kid’s class and it was hurting, I knew grappling was probably not a good idea.

I still stayed for the advanced class, and I participated in most of the warm-ups and all of the drilling. It was just my luck that Greg’s lesson plan for the day included the omoplata, and he briefly considered changing it to accommodate me, but I told him to not worry about it. My partner Mike was kind enough to practice it on his non-dominate side, so it didn’t bother my right shoulder. Greg asked me if I wanted to sit out of the rolling at the end, and I told him that I wouldn’t say I wanted to, but we both agreed it would be for the best.

My shoulder’s feeling a little better now, and I don’t think it’s anything serious, so hopefully I will be back to training on Sunday or Monday, because I have a condition called “mad ginger pox” that flares up whenever I go more than one week without rolling. The symptoms include sulking, swearing, and occasional fits of sugar-binging. Although mad ginger pox is not fatal, there is no known cure, and the only remedy is rolling regularly.

Castaway- how I feel when I can't train.One of the white belts remarked that I always seem to be hurt, and I thought “Just wait, your time will come.” If you train Jiu-Jitsu, I don’t think it’s a question of if you will get injured, but when. There isn’t a single person in the advanced class at LBJJC who hasn’t had to take time off of the mat due to injury, which is frankly the worst part about being injured. Rust never sleeps…and neither do I when I’m suffering from withdrawal!

“Baby, baby why can’t you sit still?”
-The Black Crowes


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