There can be only one!

I’m officially the Highlander of bloggers from Lincoln BJJ Center, because there used to be three of us, but now I’m the only one left. My blog may not have been the best, most informative, or most popular of the three, but it’s outlasted all others. I am the immortal!

highlanderI’m actually very saddened that Ginger Snaps is the only blog among my teammates that is still active. Conan stopped writing The Jiu-Jitsu Fighter awhile ago, and recently Josh decided to only write Josh’s Jiu-Jitsu Journal for himself, and not share it anymore (at least for the time being). I really enjoyed reading both of their blogs, but I understand why they wanted to quit, because I think about it all of the time myself. It’s not exactly easy for me to be so open about my journey, and sometimes I feel like this blog is just a big waste of time.

The Jiu-Jitsu Fighter was where I got my start in blogging, because it was technically a group blog for the people in the Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo, but everyone knew it was really Conan’s blog, and I miss reading his posts, since I learned a lot from them. I’m also going to miss reading Josh’s blog, because it helped satisfy my BJJ addiction, and I liked knowing what they did at LBJJC during the classes I didn’t attend!

I couldn’t always relate to Conan and Josh’s experiences, like the time Josh said that rolling with white belts made him feel like a superhero (because he didn’t feel as though he was in any danger!), but much of what they both shared was helpful to me. I’m sure a lot of the people I train with can’t really relate to what I have to say, either, but I don’t actually write this blog for them, I mostly do it for myself, to help me grow.

It probably doesn’t seem this way, judging by how often I post, but blogging is hard for me, because I always worry that feelings may get hurt by something I say, or that I will be misunderstood, or made fun of, but part of my journey to come out of my shell involves not worrying about how I will be perceived, and just being true to myself. I suppose if I quit blogging, there might be a few people who missed it, but BJJ is my muse, and I think that as long as I keep training, I won’t be able to stop myself from writing about it, even when I want to!


3 comments on “There can be only one!

  1. Please don’t stop! I, for one, would definitely miss your posts! I can relate to nearly everything to write about. I also agree that it helps to write out or think through the lessons we learn from training.

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