Working for the Weekend

sweat angelI think I hate competition class almost as much as I hate actually competing! The Professor made us do literally hundreds of exercises during competition class on Saturday, which left me feeling painfully exhausted. At one point we had just done a bunch of six-inch crunches, then Greg told us to do a hundred jumping jacks, so I asked him if I could do them while still laying on the mat, and he said “No, that wouldn’t be jumping jacks, it would be mat angels.”. Yeah, I think it would’ve been more like sweat angels!

Before we have our scored matches in comp class, I always get butterflies in my belly, so it almost feels like I’m really competing (which is probably the point!). I think I get nervous mainly because I know that at least our ref will be watching, so it adds more pressure than a regular roll, and everything seems more amped up.

During my competition style match on Saturday, I again succeeded with my plan to avoid being on the defensive. My partner was a different white belt than last week (a male this time), and I was satisfied with my performance, even though I didn’t sub him, I scored no points, and I barely won (just by a single advantage!).

I jumped guard as soon as I could, and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the match. He couldn’t pass, and I couldn’t sweep him. I got the advantage by attempting a brabo choke, and afterward he told me there were a few seconds where he was really worried, but I couldn’t finish it. Still, I was happy, considering the fact that I only officially learned that sub last Wednesday, so it’s cool to me that I almost pulled it off!

I spent this past weekend preparing for next weekend, because yesterday’s Ethridge class was also focused on competition, but mostly just the takedown aspect. Amy and Joe (The Judoka) gave me a hard time about my recent tendency to jump guard, since they both know I have some throwing knowledge. In my own defense, I told them that woman in BJJ tournaments had started jumping guard on me right away, and the only way I knew to stop it was to jump guard on them first, so The Judoka decided we should work on defending against a guard jump. Even with practice, I still had a hard time stopping it, but Joe did a good job of preventing me from jumping guard on him. I think I had the most success with just pulling him into de la Riva.

I only have a couple more training days left before I will stop to taper in preparation to compete this coming Saturday, but at this point, I feel like I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. I just hope that no matter what happens, I never give up, and I leave everything on the mat…except sweat angels!


5 comments on “Working for the Weekend

    • I guess I haven’t worked hard enough yet, because that hasn’t happened to me, but yesterday after class I could literally wring enough sweat out of my braids to make a sweat smoothie!

  1. I can’t read my patch off the mat very often, and I suspect on the occasions when I can, it’s formed mostly of OTHER PEOPLE’S sweat that they have smeared on me…. it’s not that I don’t sweat copiously, because I do…. but some of these men, geez….. they don’t just leave slugtrails, they leave actual puddles! :P

  2. Is it weird that I have no problem being totally covered in other people’s sweat, but when I step in one of their sweat puddles with my bare feet, I’m like “Ew, gross!” :)

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