Get Down On It

My basic plan for my scored match during competition class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday was to take the initiative right away, and maintain aggression throughout, and I succeeded! As soon as I got grips, I jumped to closed guard, then I tried to set up a couple of subs before moving to spider guard. When my partner stood up and leaned back to break my sleeve grips, I swept her with my go-to open guard sweep, then passed via knee slide to modified scarf hold (with an underhook, instead of around the head).

At that point, I really wanted to gain control of her near arm, to attempt an armbar from scarf hold, but she was grabbing her own gi, and I couldn’t break the grip, so my aggression lessened as I waited for something to open up, and our ref Jerad warned me for stalling. Then I transitioned to side control and tried to isolate her far arm, but I wasn’t having any success, and I was just about to go to knee on belly when I realized her near arm was now available, so I immediately went back to scarf hold, applied the armbar, and got the tap. I put it on a little too fast, because it worked better than I was anticipating, and I feel bad about that.

My partner was a white belt, so it’s not like I think I’m all awesome because of my performance, but she is younger and larger than me, and she has some skills. The Professor made us do tons of exercises before our matches, so I’m glad my conditioning held up, and I’m happy that my ultimate goal was to not be on the defensive, and I never was. I was also pleasantly surprised by how effective I was at maintaining top control! The match lasted about four and a half minutes (and I felt like I was going to throw up afterward!), so it would’ve been nice if I could’ve finished a little sooner, but even if I hadn’t got the sub, I was ahead on points.

Google says I'm awesome! And also a mermaid.

Google says I’m awesome! And also a mermaid.

It was cool to be able to accomplish some things, and feel like I was in control for a change! I’m glad that my aggressiveness is finally returning, and I hope it shows up when it comes time for me to actually compete in two weeks.

If you really want it, get down on it.” -Kool and The Gang


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