Add It Up

80, 80, 60, 40. Those are my guesses for how much I was outweighed by each of the people I rolled with during the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ last night. Sixty pounds is fifty percent of my body weight, so it’s like I’m rolling with one and a half people. To make up for the extra half person, I think they should have to tie at least one of their arms behind their back when they roll with me! The Professor was the person who only outweighed me by forty pounds, so it’s not like I got off light on that one.

I trained with everyone in class yesterday, because there were only five of us (including Professor Greg), and despite feeling like I was on the bottom of the food chain (as usual!), I’m actually happy with my performance. Not that I did anything spectacular, it was pretty much just more of the same butt whooping, but I think I did a little better job, especially on defending. During the positional grappling, when I started out in Greg’s closed guard, I did not let him take my back and choke me, so that was quite an accomplishment in and of itself! I even managed to pull off my favorite open guard sweep on The Hulk at the very end of class, and some of the white belts who were there waiting for the beginner’s class cheered for me!

It's funny how day by day nothing changes. But when you look back, everything is different.I am almost always outmatched in BJJ (especially in the advanced class!), so even the smallest of victories are big to me. They’re what I look at to gauge my progress, which often seems painfully slow, but it adds up over time. My improvements might be hard for me to see day to day, but looking back to where I was, even just a few months ago, I can tell I’m getting better.

“Day after day, I will walk and I will play.”
-Violent Femmes


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