The Plan

If "Plan A" didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool.Before attending competition class, Greg always has us select a few techniques to drill, which are supposed to comprise a basic game plan, and at the last two tournaments I’ve competed in since I started training at Lincoln BJJ Center, I didn’t use anything I drilled (except for jumping guard!). My game plan never worked out.

We’re supposed to choose things that are part of our “A” game, and the problem is that I really don’t think I have one, at least not that I’m aware of. If someone were to ask me “What are you good at in Jiu-Jitsu?”, I would say “Tapping.”.

There are a few things at which I suck less than others, but there really isn’t much I would say I do well, nor can I recall anyone telling me so, particularly concerning my offense. Since I usually train with people who are better than me, any compliments I receive are typically along the lines of “Good job escaping that choke!”.

The only thing I really know for sure is that I’m a guard player, but as one of the smallest people at LBJJC, that’s come about more from necessity than any actual talent, so I wouldn’t really say I’m good at it. I have developed some skill in guard retention, and even the white belts who are much bigger than I am often have a difficult time passing my guard, but it’s also hard for me to sweep or submit them.

In the end, whatever I decide may not matter at the competition, but I feel like I need to start defining my style, and figure out which direction to go. In a perfect world (where I didn’t suck), what I would want to do is take everyone’s back and choke them, and that’s exactly what The Professor always does to me! Unfortunately, I think it’ll be a long time before that happens, if ever, so I need to figure out some other plans along the way.


6 comments on “The Plan

  1. Thanks again for sharing. I too am good at tapping lol maybe even great. But anyways, I think some of the best advice I received and in pirated was work on one thing, I.e. Defending the arm bar, until I can’t be armbar’ed anymore… Or at least not easily. After a while I became pretty good at it and even baited people with it. Every so often I pick something to perfect or work on until I’m pretty good at it. I’m by no means a great practitioner, but I feel I’m learning and it makes it fun when I can see the improvement. Even if it’s just one move/position at a time. Also, sweeping from guard is one of the things I worked on and continue to work on. I want to not only master the sweep, but become the swiffer! Ok, lame attempt at a funnie. I tried :)

    • Since I feel like I need to improve everything, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to focus on, and lately I’ve been working on my defense more than my offense, but just being defensive isn’t a great competition plan. ;)

      • On the contrary my friend. I feel (for whatever that’s worth lol) that once you are very good defensively, you can set up for escapes, sweeps and attacks. So you are doing great, work on defense. That will add tools to your toolbar. Additionally, I think that focusing on just one escape, an attack and/or a sweep from each position (guard, mount, side, back) works wonders. That will be your ‘go-to’ move(s).

        That’s a bit of advice that helped me out when a fellow bjj practitioner (pan american champ) shared it with me. :-)

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