A new woman in blue!

I’ve had other obligations every weekend for the past month, and when I was finally free to go to open mat yesterday, only a few other people showed up! There were just four of us to begin with, then three others wandered in, but it was all good because I ended up rolling with four people, including Josh (who I always roll with during open mat!), and three more who I don’t get to grapple with very often; Ty, Austin, and Tammy. It was actually the first time I rolled with Tammy, so it was worth going to open mat just for that!

Tammy just started training with us a few months ago, but she is a three stripe BJJ blue belt. After she moved to Nebraska fourteen years ago, she stopped training, because there weren’t any BJJ schools around here at the time, and when she recently discovered Lincoln BJJ Center, she started training again.

blue-beltTammy told me that she wanted to come back as a white belt, but Greg insisted she’s a blue belt, and after rolling with her, I completely agree! She and I are exactly the same age, and although she’s been away for awhile, much of the skill is still there. She’s bigger than I am, but she beat me with technique, and grappling with her was awesome! The first time she tried to armbar me, I escaped, and she was actually delighted about it, because I did it technically, and not with muscly strength. On her next attempt, she closed up that hole, so I had no choice but to tap. She said her defense came back to her quickly, but the offense has been more difficult, so I’m glad I could help!

Tammy currently outranks all of the students at Lincoln BJJ Center, except for Conan, and as far as I know, she is one of the highest ranking woman in BJJ in the entire state of Nebraska. I’m so excited to not only have another 45 year-old woman training with us, but an experienced one at that! I’m glad Tammy found her way back to Jiu-Jitsu, and I’m even happier that she chose Lincoln BJJ Center to make her return!


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