Ain’t No Stoppin’

This is how I rollI’m not even competing in the Chicago IBJJF Open, but I think it’s going to kill me! Since several of the people in the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ are competing, and it’s happening a week from Saturday, our training has been pretty intense. Yesterday we rolled for almost an hour straight! We had six eight-minute rolls, with two minutes of rest in between. I guess I should just be grateful that Greg let us stop and rest at all!

Three of the people I rolled with yesterday are competing in the tournament; Conan, Sara, and Fuji, so Greg must have thought they could get a rest by rolling with me. I actually rolled with Sara twice, and she subbed me about six times, so I think she’s ready to compete. I warned her that the woman at the tournament won’t be as easy to beat as I am, and she said “It’s not easy.”, so that was a nice compliment.

I rolled with Conan right after he had gone against The Professor, and he looked worse for the wear, but he still submitted me with a weird arm/shoulder lock. He told me tapped out one of the guys from MAMA with the same thing during the joint school open mat on Saturday, and that guy was just as perplexed by it as I was!

My final roll was with Fuji, and since he is so much bigger than I am, our rolls normally just consist of positional grappling, with me failing to pass his guard, and when he sweeps me, he won’t get on top, so we just start back over from guard. Yesterday, I actually managed to pass, and I held him in side control momentarily, but when I tried to go to knee on belly, he turtled, and I spent the rest of the roll trying to unturtle him!

I believe several more of my teammates will be competing at the IBJJF Open in Chicago, including The Professor, Mike, and Henry. I wish I could go to watch my teammates compete (mostly because I want to see them kicking someone’s ass besides my own ;), but I will be there in spirit, and hopefully I’ll get to see some video. I don’t even feel like I need to wish them luck, because they don’t need it. We may be a small school, in a small city, in a small state, but I think we have some big talent!

“I’ll pop heads like a top of Snapple, and plus I grapple,
Royce Gracie a motherfucker that likes to wrassle, so what’s the hassle, bro?” -Full Clip

(Authors note: Full Clip is a rap group from Omaha, NE that you probably won’t find on the internet. Last night after BJJ class, their song “Ain’t No Stoppin” came up on my ipod, and I thought it was my Jiu-Jitsu addled brain that caused me to hear the words “grapple” and “Gracie”, but I played it back, and those are the lyrics!)


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