I’m currently feeling incredibly jubilant about Jiu-Jitsu! When I was driving home from class on Wednesday, I was in the best mood ever. It was like “Jiu-Jitsu is fucking awesome! The world is awesome! I love everyone and everything! I’m so happy right now that I even like that stupid Pharrell song!”.

It wasn’t just endorphins, there were so many things that made me smile in BJJ that day. During the kids’ class, The Professor let me work with the two girls on my own, for the first time ever! One of them was brand new, and the other one hadn’t done the toreando pass before, so Greg essentially let me teach it to them! After class, I asked the new girl if she had fun, and she grinned ear to ear, vigorously nodding her head yes.

Another cool thing that happened on Wednesday was during takedown king of the mat in the advanced class, when I threw Insolence, and people cheered! I went in for a forward throw (koshi guruma), then when I felt her balance shift backward, I switched to a sweep (osoto toshi). When I see Amy, I’m going to have to thank her for making me do Throwing Sunday, even though I mostly hate it. Landing that takedown, into a solid kesa gatame, felt so amazing that I can almost understand why people like Judo!

I also had to smile during free-rolling when I hadn’t heard who Greg told me to partner with, and he said “I think we need to work on our listening skills.” That wasn’t the part that made me smile (I was being reprimanded by The Professor!), but immediately after that when I told Conan my excuse was “I’m old, I can’t hear.”, and he (who is older than me) said “Huh?”. Lol!

If you train jiu-jitsu, you are awesome!In addition, I was pretty happy about the fact that at the end of the advanced class, when I was seriously tired after all of the takedowns and rolling, I was still trying to get Triple J’s arm to lock down scarf hold, so that I could attempt to submit him! We ran out of time before I was able to do so, but I’m glad I was being proactive, and that I kept fighting until the very end.

Jiu-Jitsu is fucking awesome! Everything about it is awesome, teaching kids is awesome, The Professor is awesome, the people I train with are awesome, even the people I don’t train with are awesome! Since I do BJJ (no matter how badly), I am also awesome, and being awesome is super awesome!


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