Get It While You Can

Before the kids’ class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, I was standing on the mat when Jerad launched a stealthy ninja attack from behind, and took me down into back mount. I defended his choke, then eventually managed to get turned around so I was in his guard, and at that point he let me go. If I had known it was going to be the only time I would get to roll yesterday, I would’ve jumped right back into Jerad’s guard!

During the advanced class, while practicing sweeps from de la Riva with a blue belt who I’d never seen before, my knee got twisted between his legs while he attempted the sweep, causing it to painfully pop a couple of times. It’s the same knee that I dislocated the kneecap on early in my Jiu-Jitsu training, and it basically felt like the same thing happened yesterday, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time, and it popped right back into place. My partner was a nice guy, and he felt really bad about it, but you know, it’s Jiu-Jitsu, shit happens.

The injury took place immediately before we started rolling in class, so I missed out! My knee is sore today, but it feels much better than I was expecting it would. Thankfully, I can walk on it, and I really don’t think it’s anything serious, but unfortunately, I will probably have to miss another class or two.

Conan also tried to roll with me before the adult class yesterday, but I had a few questions for him from no-gi class the day before, so it was less of a roll and more of a Q&A session. Once again, if I had known I wasn’t going to be be able to roll during class, I would’ve shut the hell up and tried to submit him!

I want you to shut the hell up and rollI usually train BJJ three or four times a week, and I always follow the rule “Never go more than three days without training.”, because I believe consistency is very important. Also, if I go more than a few days without doing Jiu-Jitsu, then the withdrawal turns me into a werewolf! So, if my knee isn’t fully healed in a few days, I might find myself in real beast mode!

Every time I have an injury that causes me to miss out on a class (or even part of a class!), I always think about the times when I didn’t make it to all of the classes that I could have, and I regret it even more. When I think “I’m too sore and tired to train today.”, I should be thinking “I’m sore and tired, but I’m lucky that I’m still able to train today!”, because the times when I really can’t train totally suck!

“Don’t you know when you’re loving anybody BJJ, baby, you’re taking a gamble on a little sorrow, but then who cares, baby, ‘cause we may not be here tomorrow.” -Janis Joplin


2 comments on “Get It While You Can

  1. Hope your injury isn’t too severe and heals up quickly. I’ve had a rough year myself with injuries, so I feel your pain. I also totally agree with you that when you’re injured you really reflect on things and think about all the times you could have done more.

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