It was no-gi day in Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu yesterday, and even though I’m not crazy about no-gi, I thought “Well, at least it’s not Throwing Sunday.” Wrong! Amy decided that since we don’t practice no-gi takedowns very often, we would do that yesterday. When I started grumbling about it, she told me we had to keep doing it until I threw Joe, and I said “I already did, with a sacrifice throw.” (tani otoshi), but she said I had to get another one, so naturally we ended up doing randori for the rest of class! I did pull off another sacrifice throw (tomoe nage) at the end, but I think Joe let me get it.

Judo: Gentle Way, my ass...Each time Joe would throw me, I tried to prolong the time we spent on the ground, but Amy made us stand back up, and she said “If you want to grapple, then you have to take him down.”, so I said “No, I can just jump guard!”, which did not go over very well. Making a statement like that to a couple of Judoka is not recommended! Thankfully we weren’t playing by the new Judo rule of “Grabbing the legs is illegal, dishonorable, and will bring shame on you, your family, and your school”, so I attempted a few wrestling takedowns, but Joe was able to sprawl out.

Then when we started our full match at the end, I jumped guard, and of course I got yelled at for it! I mostly did it just to bug Amy, so when we had a bonus match after that, I really did try to throw him, but he just threw me again. At least when you jump guard they can’t throw you! Seriously, I do understand the necessity of learning takedowns, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

My bright spot in Ethridge class yesterday is that I actually submitted Joe during our first match! I was in the process of wrist locking him, and he said he only tapped because his toe was caught underneath him or something, but I would like to believe I would’ve gotten the wrist lock anyway, and Amy still awarded me the win! I consider it a success that I even thought of the wrist lock at the time, because it’s not something I normally attempt, so I guess all of the wrist locks that Joe and Mike keep putting on me have started to sink in!

I think the reason Joe requested a bonus match after that was because he didn’t want to walk out of there without having subbed me even one single time! During our last match it seemed as though he had to work harder than normal (probably since it was no-gi, so it was easier for me to escape his sub attempts), but he did end up getting an omoplata on me. I knew we never should’ve taught him how to do those!

Tim Yoakum once asked me if I ever get mad at people when I’m rolling, and I said “Only my husband.”, but it’s been awhile since that happened. Even then, I was never really mad at him, I was mad at myself for not being able to figure out how to deal with his particular brand of Joe-Jitsu. I believe I’ve been doing a better job against him recently, because I’ve been thinking more outside the box. I still don’t feel as though I can do much against Joe from standing (except jump guard!), but once we hit the ground, I can tell I’ve been improving.


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