Never Tear Us Apart

I’ve heard some of the people at Lincoln BJJ say that their significant others complain about how much they train, and it reminds me of how lucky I am that my husband is so understanding about my Jiu-Jitsu obsession. He even encourages me to go to class when I don’t really feel like it. As a matter of fact, he’s so supportive that sometimes I think he must have a girlfriend who comes over while I’m training BJJ! I’m just kidding, he’s smarter than that, because I know 27 different ways to choke a man, and I have access to where he sleeps!

It probably helps that Joe and I started out in Karate together, and he also does Aikijujitsu and Judo, so he understands the appeal. Every single day of the week, one or both of us are training and/or teaching martial arts (except for Saturday, if I don’t go to open mat or comp class), but we’re usually at different schools. He doesn’t really have an interest in doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so he doesn’t train at Lincoln BJJ Center, but he’s been supportive enough to learn about it, and grapple with me every Sunday in Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo.

Ethridge class is now the only time Joe and I regularly train together, and it’s been good for both of us. Even though I’ve sometimes gotten frustrated with him when we were rolling, it’s helped us work on our communication, and I think it’s brought us closer together. Since he and I started grappling, he has a better understanding of what I do, and I enjoy helping to teach him (I just wish he didn’t learn so quickly, and then use it against me!).

The only thing I really don’t like about Ethridge class is the first Sunday of the month (which was yesterday), because that’s the day we work on throwing! Even after all the time I’ve spent practicing Judo, I still don’t enjoy it (can’t I please just jump guard? ;). However, if I have to do it, it’s nice when Joe is my partner, because he understands my trepidation, and he helps me relax. I still don’t think my throwing is getting any better (especially soto makikomi, hate it!), but doing randori against Joe has definitely helped with my takedown defense.

I’m glad that my husband supports my BJJ training, and I’m even happier that he knows enough about it to really understand, and help me out. It’s basically the best of both worlds, because I get to share Jiu-Jitsu with him, but I also get to do it on my own. On occasion he has jokingly threatened to show up at Lincoln BJJ and “Put a hurting on the new guys, so they know to stay away from you!”, but he’s never complained about how much I love Jiu-Jitsu, or how often I train, because he knows it makes me happy, and I think he likes the results.



One comment on “Never Tear Us Apart

  1. If you don’t want to grapple with your spouse on occasion, you may be in the wrong relationship.
    Martial Arts are for self improvement. Who wouldn’t support that. And, I love her.

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