Devil vs. Devil

As much as I love Jiu-Jitsu, some days it’s hard to drag my sorry ass to class. For example, yesterday was the hottest day of the year in Lincoln (so far!), and before class I had a little devil on my shoulder…

We're all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.It’s Africa hot out there, do you really want to train today? You’ll be swimming in rivers of sweat and it will suck! Wouldn’t you rather just stay home where it’s nice and cool, and people rarely try to choke you?

That little devil isn’t able to talk me into staying home very often, but she can be damn persistent! The way I defeat her isn’t by having a little angel on my other shoulder, but rather, by having another stronger devil…

Shut the fuck up before I choke you, stupid lazy devil! Gina, you know you’ll regret it if you don’t go to class, so don’t be a pansy! Blood, sweat, and tears are the price you have to pay if you ever want to stop sucking at Jiu-Jitsu! You do want that, don’t you? How bad do you want it?

Yes, BJJ devil, I do want that! Alright, stop pestering me, I’ll go to class. Also, I beg of you, please stop talking to me late at night, because you are one of the reasons I can’t get to sleep! Just let the lazy devil have that one.

The BJJ Devil usually beats the Lazy Devil, because, well, she’s obviously a better fighter, and there’s never been a time when I was disappointed that she won. Even on the days when I really don’t feel like training, I’m always glad when I go to class, and I always regret it when I don’t.

If I hadn’t trained yesterday, I would’ve missed the opportunity to have a personal session with Conan before class, and I wouldn’t have learned the new guard passes he showed me. I also would’ve missed out on a fantastically fun class taught by Jerad, which was focused on submissions from mount. If I hadn’t been there, all of Mike’s expertise and help as a partner would’ve gone to someone else, and I wouldn’t have gotten a great laugh when Henry’s mom started playing “Eye of the Tiger” as he and I partnered up for king of the mat!

I also wouldn’t have known that the Lazy Devil was totally wrong, because it wasn’t even that hot during class! Even if it had been hot as Hell, I’m always happier when I train than when I don’t, regardless of how much I sweat, or how many times I do or do not get choked!

“Set out running but I take my time, a friend of the devil is a friend of mine.
If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.” -Grateful Dead


6 comments on “Devil vs. Devil

    • Yeah, I guess I was having flashbacks to last summer when the AC wasn’t working, and it was a total sweat shop! It was hotter than the dojo then, but it’s much better now that the AC is on, and we have fans!

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