Second verse, same as the first!

Amy asked me what I wanted to work on during Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo yesterday, and I said we should practice the omoplata (because I thought Joe could use a refresher on it), so that’s what we did. Then after that class got over, I went to the beginner no-gi class at Lincoln BJJ Center, and Conan asked me what I wanted to work on! Am I lucky or what?

What are we going to do today, Brain? The same thing we do every day, Pinky, try to understand Jiu-Jitsu.I simply told Conan that what I wanted to do during class was “not wrestling” (since it’s a large part of no-gi, but I don’t really care for it!). I’m not sure if he heard me say we had practiced the omoplata during my previous class, or if it was just a¬†serendipitous coincidence, but that is also what Conan decided to teach, and it definitely qualifies as not wrestling!

I was very happy that Bhuvana came to the no-gi class yesterday (and the feeling was mutual!). It was the first time she had seen the omoplata, and she thought it was super cool. The fact that she was so excited about it made it a lot of fun for me to work with her!

It was also pretty sweet that since I was the senior student in class (and probably the only one there who knew how to do the omoplata), I got to be Conan’s demo dummy. I remember back in the day when Conan first tried to teach me the omoplata, and I was positive that I would never get it, and now I’m helping him and Amy teach it!

I enjoyed working on the omoplata in both classes yesterday, but the second one wasn’t exactly the same as the first. In Ethridge class we practiced it from guard, and in the no-gi class we did it from granby roll from turtle, which was a new entry for me, so that was awesome!

When Greg, Conan, and Jerad broke in the mats at Lincoln BJJ, the first submission that took place was an omoplata (but I don’t know who got it on who!). Most people have a hard time getting it on me (because my shoulders are crazy flexible), and I don’t remember ever successfully submitting someone with one myself. My low success rate might have something to do with the fact that I still don’t attempt omoplatas very often when I’m rolling, so maybe I should make that a new goal!


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