Strangulation by triangulation

Mounted triangle by Mike

I was feeling meh before class at Lincoln BJJ Center on Monday, then we worked on triangle choke from spider guard, and my mood greatly improved! My partner was Meteorologist-Maryland-Moptop-Monica’s Man-My Mentor Mike (aka Tumbleweed), and we both agreed that the triangle choke is pretty much the best thing ever.

I think the triangle is awesome not only because it enables you to choke people by using your legs, which are much stronger than your arms, but when you have someone locked up in a triangle, you can also attack them with an armbar, kimura, wrist lock, collar choke, and probably even more that I don’t know yet!

Coincidentally, we also worked on the triangle choke during Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo on Sunday (Mother’s Day), so this mama was happy, but sadly, I wasn’t able to triangle my husband when we rolled. I also wasn’t able to triangle anyone at Lincoln BJJ on Monday, and I did get triangled a few times myself. I managed to escape one tight triangle by Briangle, but Mike told me he was going to keep triangling me until I improved my posture, then after class I received a directive from The Professor: Always stand up to pass guard…and posture!

Attempted triangle by me

I’ve felt drawn to the triangle choke from the first time I saw it (but I prefer triangling other people to being triangled myself ;). When I pulled off that armbar from triangle at the last tournament, it was purely on instinct, I wasn’t even sure how I got her into the triangle until I watched the video! I believe I probably could have gotten the choke, but I was afraid I was going to run out of time.

If I had to pick just one submission as my favorite, it would be the triangle choke. It was also the first technique we practiced at Lincoln BJJ Center, and it’s quintessential Jiu-Jitsu. I know there are actually some people who don’t love the triangle, but that’s probably just because they can’t do it. ;)


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