The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

Greg is out of town, and Jerad taught the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday. He had us work on a technique that is a part of my competition game plan, so that was awesome for me! I haven’t actually signed up for the tournament yet, partly because of procrastination, but mostly because I’m a hurting unit right now, so I don’t know if competing in a couple of weeks is really the best idea (but it is still the plan). Besides my back problems (which are getting better, but I’m still going to the chiropractor three times a week), I also keep picking up small, nagging injuries that just won’t go away. I know I said bring on the pain, but enough already!

I didn’t even go to class on Monday (because it was my 19th wedding anniversary :), and after a couple days off, it was still hard to make it through class last night (but I did!). Rojas was my partner, and when we were drilling I yelled “Ow!”, so of course he asked if I was okay, and I told him “Yeah, I just say ‘ow’ sometimes, but it doesn’t mean anything, just ignore it!”. After I admitted it was because of my pulled calf muscle, Jerad asked if I had any body parts that I had not injured, and I said “My nose.” Now that I said that, I’ll probably suffer a nose injury soon.

She who is brave but stupid is always injured.I used to wonder why it seems like I always get injured more than other people (besides the fact that I’m small, and old, and whatnot), then one day I happened to see this quote “He who is brave but stupid is always injured.” I wish I could credit it, but an internet search yielded no results, so maybe I read it in a dream, or in a fortune cookie. Either way, I think that quote might explain my pain! Or maybe I don’t actually get hurt any more than others do, I just complain about it more.


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