Bring the Pain

Before the last BJJ tournament, The Professor had everyone come up with a basic game plan, and we drilled it during competition class. Then when I got to the venue that day and found out I would be competing against an MMA fighter with several years of experience, my entire plan basically went out the window, and I had to immediately come up with a new one. I decided to jump guard and try to use my gi game against her, which actually worked pretty well (she had a difficult time against my grips!), except I didn’t have a finish.

I don’t think the game plan I originally chose last time was really the best one for me, regardless of who my opponent had been. So, this time I put a lot of thought into it, and tried to come up with a strategy that plays to my strengths. For my finish, I chose the submission which I have been able to get most consistently throughout my years of training, on a wide range of opponents (even on male blue belts!). I’m not going to tell you what the sub is, or the rest of my game plan for that matter, because if I tell you my wish, it won’t come true!

I’ve had mixed feelings in the past about going into competition with a game plan, because there have been times where I was so focused on my plan that when it didn’t work, I got stuck. However, after seeing Henry implement his plan on almost every opponent at the VGC tournament, I definitely saw the value in having a clearly defined goal. I didn’t even want to get too close to Henry that day, because I was afraid he was going to guillotine me!

I feel satisfied with the game plan I’ve selected this time, and I’m even more encouraged about it after attending competition class today. During my tournament-style match, I successfully implemented my plan against my partner. It didn’t go exactly the way I wanted, and it took me about four and a half minutes, but I was leading in points, and then I tapped him with my chosen sub!

ain is weakness leaving the body.After a few months away from competition class, I had forgotten how much it sucks! It was probably better today because my partner was The Professor (only for the drilling, he is not the person I subbed during my match, that was a newer white belt guy ;). I didn’t even have to do the burpees (because of my wanky wrist), but I did have to do jump squats instead, and I think I pulled a calf muscle. It seems minor, but it (along with the rest of my body!) is in a bit of pain right now. That’s okay, bring it on, I can take it, because after successfully pulling off my game plan today, I’m super excited!

“Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home. But you know the best thing about pain?
It lets you know you’re not dead yet!” -Master Chief John Urgayle


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