Keep On Keepin’ On

Our only goal during positional grappling in the advanced class yesterday was to open our partner’s guard (or alternately, to keep our guard closed), which was harder than it sounds! I had the most difficult time on defense against Conan, because once he broke my posture, he pulled me in for a BJJ bear hug. My entire upper body, including my head and arms, was enveloped within his limbs. I could barely move, and I didn’t like it in there, it was dark and scary, like a Conan cave! I couldn’t really do anything, so at one point I simply stopped struggling to free myself. He asked “Are you still breathing?”, and I answered, “Yes, I’ve just given up.” Then with about 30 seconds left, he suddenly released me and stood up…because he had a cramp. I think that means I technically won, because his guard did open, and I had been silently wishing that he would get a cramp or something!

Other than that, I think my training went pretty well yesterday. My first free-roll of the night ended with me in the process of taking my partner’s back, and in my final roll, with The Professor, I was only choked once! Okay, maybe I was very close to tapping to another rear naked choke when the buzzer went off, but still. Jerad had been coaching me, and after Greg locked up the second RNC, Jerad said “I don’t have any more advice for you.”, and I told him that the only good advice at that point would be “Tap”.

"There is no secret to getting good at Jiu-Jitsu. All you have to do is show up and train." -Carlos VieiraI got an extra fist bump from Greg after class yesterday, and I actually felt like I deserved it. I’ve been getting a lot better lately about not mindlessly repeating bad habits, and I’ve been able to instantly incorporate new advice when I’m rolling. I’ve really been trying to be more calm and aware, which is helping me make more intelligent choices. Sometimes I still fail (such as foolishly allowing myself to get trapped in Conan’s web!), but I feel like I’m becoming more technical, one roll at a time.

“I’ma keep on, keepin’ on, keep on, holdin’ on.” -Tech N9ne


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