Afternoon Delight

aftrnI didn’t stay for the adult class after the kids’ class at Lincoln BJJ last night (because of reasons), so I decided to go to the beginner class at noon today instead. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a daytime class there, and I’m really glad I went! First of all, I got to work with Bhuvana, who is one of our white belt women, and the Tuesday noon class is the only one she currently attends, so it was the first time I met her. She was very happy and excited that I was there, which made me feel really good, and it was a pleasure to train with her!

I was also thrilled that I got to see Harvey my Hero! He trained back at the dojo with us, but then he had physical issues which required him to take time off, and he recently started training again at Lincoln BJJ Center. He and I have been attending class on opposite days, so I was happy I went today and he was there. He’s my adopted Jiu-Jitsu dad, and I’ve really missed having him around. It’s just not possible for me be in a bad mood after a Harvey hug!

I don’t regularly train with any of the people who were in class today (Bhuvana, Harvey, Nic and Tim). I expected Bhuvana’s co-worker, Triple J (Jiu-Jitsu Josh), to be there, because according to his blog, he’s always at the Tuesday noon class, and I was looking forward to training with him (because I don’t get to very often), but I guess he’s still on paternity leave, because his wife just had their third son.

During class today we worked on a self-defense escape from a standing head-lock, the elbow escape from mount, and straight armbar from mount. It was nice that I was confident enough in the techniques that I felt like I was able to help Bhuvana understand them a little better. When I went against her during the positional grappling, she didn’t get the elbow escape, but she did get the upa escape a couple of times, which she had previously learned. One time I was able get the straight armbar on her, but she made me work for it!

The other person I went against during positional grappling was Nic, and since today is his birthday, I was nice and didn’t choke him. That’s a lie, the only reason I didn’t choke him because he wouldn’t let me! He also wouldn’t let me armbar him, so when it was his turn on top I didn’t let him submit me, either!

I really enjoyed class today, and I think I’ll have to try to make it to the daytime class more often. It was nice to mix things up and train in the afternoon!


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