Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class deviated from the norm yesterday, because instead of focusing on positional grappling (like we usually do) Amy had Joe and I work on leg and foot submissions. It was unexpected, since Amy isn’t a big fan of “below the belt” subs. She especially doesn’t like ankle attacks, because they can be dangerous, and as an officer of the law, Amy needs her feet to walk the beat! She might have decided to work on legs because I was wearing a brace on my sore wrist yesterday, so she wanted to do something that wouldn’t bother it too much.

When I trained Jiu-Jitsu at the dojo (besides Ethridge class), we weren’t allowed to do leg and foot subs until we were blue belts, so technically Joe isn’t allowed to work on them yet, because he’s a yellow belt (BJJ equivalent: two-stripe white belt). Of course that didn’t stop him from figuring them out pretty quickly, and then submitting me with a heel hook during our final roll yesterday. I really wish I learned as fast as he does!

I’m also not fond of leg and foot subs, but that’s just because I don’t have much experience, so I’m not very good at doing them, or at defending. Some of the guys who came from the dojo are great footlockers (especially The Doggfather!), but we don’t work on leg or foot submissions in gi class at Lincoln BJJ, and Greg said we never will. They are strictly no-gi techniques at LBJJC, and since I rarely train no-gi (and never in the advanced class), I haven’t practiced them in more than a year.

It was actually a nice change of pace to do something different in Ethridge class, and it was a good refresher for me, since it’s been awhile. Now I just hope Joe forgets everything he learned yesterday, or I will never be able to play open guard against him again, without my legs and feet being in grave danger!


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