The Professor, Mr. Howell, and GingerWe had a belt promotion at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, and a lot of people were promoted, they even gave a stripe to me! When I showed up for the training before the ceremony, Jerad said “Are you ready for your test?”, and I said “Yeah, right!”, because I knew he was just messing with me. Since I didn’t test, I didn’t think I would be promoted, so when The Professor called my name during the ceremony, I got super nervous, then in my rush to get out of the spotlight as quickly as possible, I forgot to shake Conan and Jerad’s hands! When Greg was putting the stripe on my blue belt, I told him I didn’t expect it, and he said “It’s not up to you.” Yeah, that’s probably a good thing.

Lincoln BJJ kidsIt was awesome to see so many students get promoted! My young protege Brooklynn earned four stripes, and since she doesn’t own a white belt, Greg put black stripes on her Judo orange belt, so now it looks like Halloween! One of the other girls was pretty proud of the fact that she got three stripes, but her dad (Barber Brian) only got one. I tried to explain to her that kids usually get stripes faster because they go through more belts, but I think she still believed that having more stripes meant she could kick her dad’s butt. I actually wouldn’t put it past her, because that girl has fire!

So many people earned stripes yesterday that I can’t even remember them all! Conan still has the most out of the blue belts, he’s now up to four. There were also three white belts who made the transition to blue: Jordan, Henry, and Robert. It’s exciting to see how much Lincoln Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center has grown in less than a year, and new students keep walking in the door all the time! Greg must be doing something right, and I’m honored that he thought I deserved to be striped.

Lincoln BJJ


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