Eye poke stops the choke!

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been able to do ALL of the rolling in the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ in about a month, and it was so awesome! It was also cool to get to partner with My Mentor Mike again, we haven’t been in the same classes for awhile, because he’s been attending Judo at UNL on the nights I’ve been training BJJ.

It's all fun and games until I poke you in the eye.The chiropractor said my back looked good today, and everything went swell in class yesterday, until the end of my very last roll. After being subbed twice with rear naked chokes by The Professor, when he took my back for the third time, in order to stop the choke, I reached behind me and punched his contact right out of his eye, because you can’t choke what you can’t see!

That might be a slight misrepresentation of what actually happened. As if poking one of Greg’s eyes out would even help, he could probably wear a blindfold and still sub me in less than a minute! Of course it wasn’t intentional, but I feel awful about it, that really wasn’t the way I wanted the roll to end.

I actually wanted it to end with me on his back choking him, but I’m not foolish enough to think that’s even possible! I would’ve settled for time running out before he choked me again, but if I hadn’t accidentally hit his eye and displaced his contact, I’m sure it would’ve ended with me tapping for the third time.

Another thing I didn’t like yesterday was that two brand new guys showed up during the advanced class, and they hung out and watched us roll. They probably weren’t watching me, but I felt like they were watching me, and I don’t like being watched (especially by people I don’t know), so I kind of wanted to poke them in the eyes, too! ;)


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