Choose your submission!

It was a small advanced class at Lincoln BJJ last night. Besides the teachers (Conan and Jerad), I was the only blue belt! We also had a new-to-us white belt (Mike), and then Sweeney Todd (who attends the beginner class, but he was there with his kids, because their class had just ended) commented about the small size of the class, and he said we should let him suit up and join in. He might’ve been half-joking, but I asked Conan if Barber Brian could attend the advanced class with us, and he said okay.

Brian also stayed for the beginner class afterward, so I guess we didn’t beat him up enough in the advanced class (but that’s probably because he didn’t have to roll with me! ;). I know Jerad did his part, because at one point when they were rolling, I heard Jerad tell Brian “Just remember, you asked for this.”

Wheel of Submission

Lose with every spin!

Jerad must have been in a particularly giving mood yesterday, because when I rolled with him, he said “Choose your submission.” I said “Huh?”, then he explained “Tell me what you want me to submit you with, and I’ll try to get it.” Like a dumbass, I said “Um….bow and arrow.” Then, like an even bigger dumbass, when we were rolling I let him take my back! Yeah, Jerad bow and arrowed me. Why didn’t I say “Nothing!”, was that even an option?

I actually chose the bow and arrow because it is currently the submission that I hate the most. It’s the one I really want to stop, because it’s what The Professor submits me with every chance he gets (which is basically every single time we roll!).


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