Try Again

My back pain eased up enough that I was able to go to both the kids’ class and the adult advanced class at Lincoln BJJ last night, which is the first time I’ve done so in over two weeks! I’m glad I didn’t have to miss any more classes, especially since the advanced class theme for the month of March is inside De La Riva, which fits very nicely into the open guard game I’ve recently been working on.

Greg is out of town this week, so Conan taught the kids, and Jerad taught the adults. Conan was my partner for the advanced class, and after we practiced the sweeps that Jerad had taught, Conan showed me another option. I immediately felt drawn to that one, and I even managed to pull it off on Conan a couple of times during positional grappling! I asked him if he regretted showing it to me, but I think he was actually kind of proud.

I also got to roll with Conan for a short time before the kids class, and again before the adult class yesterday. It went well for me, but that could just be because he was being extra nice since I’m injured. He played his typical game of “I’ll let you have side control”, and normally I still can’t do a damn thing, but that wasn’t the case yesterday. Somehow I managed to submit Conan both times we rolled! The first one was a paper cutter, and the second was a keylock from scarf hold. If you’re thinking “How the hell did that happen?”, you’re not alone, because I was wondering the exact same thing! I even asked Conan why he let me submit him, and he said “Because you were doing it right.”

Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again!

Okay, I’m not quite THAT confident!

The most unexpected side effect of being forced to take the last couple of weeks off from training (which is the most time I’ve missed from Jiu-Jitsu in a couple of years!), is that my confidence has increased. While I was away, it was easier for me to see the big picture, instead of being bogged down by my day-to-day struggles. I gained a greater appreciation for just how much I really do know about BJJ. It could be that this increase in confidence is what actually allowed me to submit Conan yesterday, because even though I’ve tried and failed a thousand times, I still had the nerve to try again (and do it right for a change!).

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” -Aaliyah


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